On Power BI

Acuity Training featured reached out to Coda Strategy on tips for learning Power BI:

Learn logical storytelling I can’t stress this enough. A dashboard is meaningless unless it leaves the audience with insights that are meaningful. However, many PowerBI beginners focus exclusively on learning the technical aspects. Instead, PowerBI experts begin with the story they want to tell, leverage PowerBI to tell that story with powerful visuals, and make it very clear, very early, what the audience should learn.
Minuca Elena. (February 15, 2023) Power BI Tips & Tricks: 15 Experts Give Their Top 3 Tips. Acuity Training

On Cloud Migration

IT Companies featured Coda Strategy on the benefits and challenges of Cloud Migration

The top benefit of a cloud migration is an opportunity to rethink the business of IT. A cloud migration offers IT professionals a way to start their IT infrastructure and IT operations from a blank canvas, adopting state-of-the-art tools, and avoiding pitfalls with aging legacy technology. In turn, cloud service providers maintain the mundane aspects of the underlying infrastructure, freeing up programmers to focus on more creative tasks, such as solving business problems. On the flip side, the top challenge is that many cloud migration teams fail to include the business. They need to involve the business. We need to kill the myth that a cloud migration is the CIO’s problem. The myth is destructive to the firm. First, the CIO needs to involve business stakeholders, such as the CMO or the Chief Supply Chain Officer. Second, the CIO needs to prepare a list of pressing business challenges beforehand, that is prepared along with business leaders. Third, the CIO needs to vet cloud solutions that can solve those business problems. Otherwise, they will end up buying a hammer that is looking for a nail.
Minuca Elena. (January 31, 2023) 14 IT Experts Share The Benefits and Challenges of Cloud Migration. IT Companies

Data Science Tips

Data Science Dojo, which offers a data science bootcamp, reached out to Coda Strategy to discuss successful data science tips to learn. Here is what we shared:

Never put all your eggs in one tool, one platform, or one framework. Expect technology to change and learn how to adapt to new tools. At the same time, don’t just adopt new tools for the sake of having the latest toys. Do your due diligence and evaluate technology vendors on a periodic basis, to learn which tools are likely to become the next standard, and which are likely to remain niche products.
Ayesha Saleh. (October 12, 2022) 27 successful data science tips to learn before 2023. Data Science Dojo


On September 26, 2022, David Zhao had the chance to speak with Best Startup Texas about entrepreneurship:

It is really easy to start a business in Texas. The paperwork is straightforward. The Texas Secretary of State’s office does a great job at streamlining everything.
David Zhao, Coda Strategy


Low-code development tools are seeing an uptick in adoption rates. The problem is, many businesses don’t fully understand low-code before they dive in…which leads to unpleasant surprises and expensive ‘gotchas’.

“Low-code does not mean low-knowledge,” says David Zhao, Managing Director of Coda Strategy. “They have their own learning curves, which can sometimes be very steep, for the more complex tools.”
Joe Stangarone. (September 1, 2022) 10 things to know before diving into low-codemrc’s Cup of Joe Blog