Charting the Digital Future with a North Star Architecture

Enterprise Architecture
The Situation & Challenge

The president of the Diabetes operating unit of a F500 medical device manufacturer had just formulated a new five-year business strategy, and needed the CIO to chart an IT roadmap to execute that strategy.

The new strategy’s four levers were:

  1. Deliver a 5-star customer experience
  2. Accelerate new product innovation
  3. Run the business better
  4. Return to double digit growth

However, the existing IT landscape was fragmented, littered with IT systems that had been selected haphazardly with little thought to future investment needs. 

To even begin to execute this strategy, the CIO needed to define a future state, north star enterprise architecture, on which all future IT decisions would be anchored.

Our Solution

This was a classic enterprise architecture problem.

To begin, we developed a business architecture map for all of the business capabilities of the Diabetes operating unit. We then catalogued all existing IT systems and mapped those onto the business architecture map.

Next, we zeroed in on the key business capabilities that we needed to improve in order to execute the business strategy. This led to the key IT gaps that we could address with new technology implementations.

The final result was a 2-year, $60M portfolio and strategic roadmap of five signature IT programs that would help deliver the 5-year strategic plan.

Project in Brief


F500 Med Device Maker



Problem Domain:

Enterprise Architecture


2-year, $60M portfolio and roadmap of 5 signature programs


Q3 2023